Bordiga still bases its production on the same raw materials and tradition of the old days.

In order to make a good liquor, which pleases mouth, body and mind, first you have to start from the best herbs, the finest sugar and the purest alcohol, then skilfully combine them with the clear spring water from the Alps.



Refined liquor historically produced by Cav. Pietro Bordiga, using pure bark of China Calissaia, harmoniously blended with other officinal herbs, delicious as after meal, pleasant tasting warm.



Traditional Amaro, based on herbs, prepared following the ancient recipe of Cav. Pietro Bordiga. It is a typical liqueur, with a delicious flavor, great for pure drinking, serve on ice or in an Italian coffee.



High-quality liqueur with unmistakable flavor, obtained from the precious roots of the Chinese Rabarbaro, following the ancient formula of Cav. Pietro Bordiga. Excellent digestive consumed pure, fantastic aperitif mixed with soda water.



Traditional liqueur, prepared with seasonal fruit infusions from which he captures and preserves all the flavors and fragrances and colours.



An old liqueur, that was an offcial drink of the House of Savoy. Rosolio has a delicate and sweet taste with intense perfume of rose flower, obtained by distillation.




This original sweet liqueur is obtained by distilling the infusion of roasted Piedmont Hazelnuts, which retain in the distinctive flavor.