Bordiga Liquori, la sede




Our founder

Pietro Bordiga is a passionate herbalist and profound connoisseur of Alpine botanicals and oriental spices. Originally from Valle Grana (the place of origin of Castelmagno, one of the most popular cheeses in the world), his family moved to Turin, the capital of the newborn Kingdom of Italy, where Pietro Bordiga maries a girl who's family owns a renowned "Caffe" in the Capital, the "Caffe DILEI".














Thanks to his botanical knowledge, Pietro creates a Vermouth di Torino recipe which is immediately greatly appreciated in the city. In 1888 Pietro decides to start his activity as a producer of Vermouth and opens his distillery in Cuneo.The success is immediate, the excellence of its product is very popular in the city. Even today Caffè Mulassano, one of the oldest Caffè in Italy, serves a vermouth still produced with the exclusive Bordiga recipe. 













Strategic location of Bordiga

The choice to stay in Cuneo has obvious sentimental reasons. It is not only the capital of origin of Bordiga, but above all it is the geographical position that plays an important role in the choice of venue. Cuneo is at the doorstep of one of worlds most famous wine regions, The Langhe, home of the great Barolo and Barbaresco wines. Cuneo is also at the foot of the Alpine valleys where medicinal herbs spontaneously grow thanks to the proximity of the Mediterranean sea. The herbs are particularly rich in essential oils. Wine, medicinal herbs and fine oriental spices form the basis of the first Bordiga product: the Vermouth di Torino. 









Early 1900


Over the years Bordiga grows and thanks to the genuineness and quality of its products becomes the reference point not only for Vermouth, but also for liqueurs and spirits. At the beginning of the 20th century Bordiga stills a juniper spirit that still today does not envy the most famous gins in the world. 












Second half of 1900


The centuries pass, times change, after the great crisis of the twenties but especially after the second war we see great changes; also the production in general of the distilleries is affected by these changes. Thanks to the synthesis and production of artificial flavors its possible to produce high quantities at economic prices, of course, of mediocre or even low quality. Small artisans suffer from this new situation: either they are transformed and become huge industrial realities or are gradually destined to close. 

Bordiga never stopped producing since 1888 and the production remains that of the origins. The difficulty is enormous (testify the innumerable closures of well-known brands) but the philosophy and the quality that inspired the founder are not betrayed. Even with standard difficulties we continue to always produce starting from selected and high quality raw materials. 












Fortunately today this feature that has penalized so much in a recent past has been rediscovered and particularly appreciated. The good Piedmontese wine, the alpine medicinal herbs still hand-picked by the mountaineers, the finest spices, the purest wheat alcohol, the finest sugar and the water of our Alps are still today as in the distant 1888 the base for our master distillers to produce the renowned Bordiga products today appreciated all over the world.