On the windswept, rocky slopes of the Occitan Alps, plants have to work hard to survive. In response to the region’s microclimate, which see hot, dry summers interrupted by snow flurries, and icy winters extend long into Spring, the botanicals hardly enough to take root here develop unique characteristics. Most notably, their abundance of richly perfumed essential oils.

Bolstered by the fresh air of the Mediterranean, these botanicals naturally posses superior flavour profiles. Hand-picked along traditional foraging trails surrounding Elva, their essence has long been captured by Bordiga’s Master Distillers and crafted into a unique repertoire of premium gin, vermouth & bitters.

We are also blessed to have one of worlds most famous wine regions at our doorstep, The Langhe, home of the great Barolo wine. We proudly purchase all of our wines in the Piemont region.

Bordiga 1888 Values

Tradition Is Our Future

Throught the occitan valleys and beyond, the name BORDIGA is synonymous with the art o distillation.
For 130 years this small boutique distilery, poised between land and sea in the beautiul piedmont region of northern Italy, has been famed for its liquors, vermouths and amaros.

Why Bordiga

In Bordiga things are still done bu passion, following the artisan tradition, loving nature without forcing it, looking only for goodness and excellence in every distillate.

The Selection Of Our Herbs

To this day, a respect of nature and tradition characterise the work of bordiga's Master Distillers who, with each harvest, continue to hand-select the finest, freshly picked alpine herbs for their creations.
These craftsmen follow the original recipes laid down by Pietro Bordiga, ensuring that the same skill, passion and excellence are captured in every distillation.

The Philosophy

The philosphy of Bordiga since its foundation 130 years ago is wanting to make a good liquor that satisfies the palate, the body and the mind.

Production Process

Bordiga is positively preserving the "secret" ingredients for the production of its historical products and manages to add the innovation needed making them suitable for the evolution of the contemporary tastes of the modern "mixology".
The new bordiga products are created with respect for the traditional processes. We are favoring the use of local raw materials and always select ingredients of the highest quality.

  • Tradition Is Our Future
  • Why Bordiga
  • The Selection Of Our Herbs
  • The Philosophy
  • Production Process