Because every great passion is built with the heart, but above all with the reason.


Alkemia is a line of grappa which contains pure distillate grape marc and liquors of grappa.

The labels are inspired by the work of Albrecht Durer: passion and rigour, study, patience and constant research for perfection are the characters that led to the excellence of grappa Alkemya and make them unique in the World.


miele gr001
Grappa di Miele
camomilla gr002
Grappa di Camomilla
barbera gr003
Grappa di Barbera
chardonnay gr004
Grappa di Chardonnay
moscato gr005
Grappa di Moscato
novella gr006
Grappa Novella
barolold gr007
Grappa di Barolo Invecchiata
moscatold gr008
Grappa di Moscato Invecchiata
nebbiolold gr009
Grappa di Nebbiolo Invecchiata