Bordiga’s “Amari” are produced according to ancient recipes elaborated and refined over the years.

They are internally produced with infusions and distillates of fine spices, herbs and flowers, that mostly come from the surrounding Alps. The local herbs and flowers are still today hand-harvested by mountain people that only use natural dry and preservation methods.

Enjoy our Amari with some ice or as an ingredient in your classic cocktails.

centoerbe ama001
chiot ama002
Chiot Montamaro
dilei ama003
st hubertus ama004
St. Hubertus


A digestive liquor of the alpine tradition where innumerable herbs, flowers and roots compete to give this nectar its historical flavor.



Little alcohol but a lot of taste in a historic recipe made with infused and distilled flowers and alpine herbs.



An absolutely pleasant taste with a balanced alcoholic content make this Amaro the excellent product easily appreciated by all the connoisseurs.



An intense but harmonious product, notable but balanced in both flavor and alcoholic structure. A historic recipe that meets the needs of connoisseurs and those who know how to appreciate excellence. 

Enjoy our Amari with some ice or in your classic cocktails.