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Occitan Gin&Black Friday

We are proud to announce that the prestigious American Wine Enthusiastic Guide from New York has introduced our Occitan Gin to the Top 100 Spirits list with a score of 93/100.
Our positioning is even more important because we are among the very first places in the Gin category and the reviews of this important guide are absolutely impartial and independent.
It is a recognition that must be attributed to our historic Distillery for having maintained the artisan production philosophy unchanged over time and respectful of the quality and local raw materials, still hand-picked on the mountains that surround us, the Alps, and the passion that continuously soul in our work.

Bordiga 1888 has some characteristics that make us and our products different from others on the market:
– first of all we are “producers” and not simply a commercial brand like many others currently offered on the market;
– we are really “historical“, we have never stopped our productions since 1888 and we are not a brand recently rediscovered or totally reinvented with a vintage image;
– we really use old and original recipes from the past;
we produce everything internally, we do the maceration of the botanicals in the distillery and we ourselves produce the infusions and distillates used in our products;
– we absolutely use traditional and artisanal production processes, only maceration and distillation (we have 2 stills, one of which from the 18th century in copper, on a wood fire) no ultrasounds, no centrifuges;
we do not use artificial ingredients and synthetic flavors and we filter only with natural processes using paper filters.
Obviously we not only say all of the above but we are always available to make it known in person to anyone who wishes it with a visit to our distillery.
But there is a unique feature that enormously sets us apart.
Although we are increasingly growing on the market, Bordiga 1888 continues to use spontaneous (wild) Alpine botanicals still hand-picked by the mountain dwellers in the mountains surrounding our distillery, the Alps.
Nature is our main supplier.
Harvested by hand means spontaneous botanicals (intrinsically organic), harvested without the aid of engines, without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides and above all, with a great enormous attention to the quality of the products and an absolute respect for the environment.
Since the use of spontaneous, wild herbs goes beyond simple Bio and Biodynamic certifications, we have distinguished our products that contain spontaneous botanicals with the symbol “hand picked” you can see here.

Our Master Distiller, Mario, communicates further information on our natural philosophy in his “Mario’s Diary” you can read on our website Blog and through newsletters we send to subscribers and to anyone who requests it to: