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Aperitif and Bitters

The Aperitivo Bordiga, as well as the Bitter, with their labels inspired from the original one since the 1920s, reflect the atmosphere and carelessness of the time, leaving a distinctive, pleasantly bitterness and citrus taste.
A balanced combination of Orange and Rhubarb that give to the Aperitivo that unmistakable touch of light smoky taste typical of Chinese Rhubarb root.
Rosso Bitter a bitter taste, intense but not aggressive, of the Gentian Lutea root, (hand picked) that grows wild in the Alps.
Verde Bitter, an exclusive Bordiga products, the ancient Amaricante Verde, with its herbaceous and floral taste, with an original color touch.
Discover all the cocktails you can make with Aperitif and Bordiga Bitters!


Red Bitter

Green Bitter