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Our core values

Tradition is our future

I n Cuneo, in the Occitan Valleys of Piedmont, Bordiga has always been synonymous with liqueurs: the distillery has been the reference brand for Genepy, Alpine liqueurs, Vermouth and “Amari” for over than 130 years.

For this reason, the recipes book of Pietro Bordiga is still today a source of inspiration for the Master distillers.

It contains a large number of Pietro Bordiga’s recipes or dating back to the local popular tradition. For example, frequently the “Amari”, were used as a cure for almost everything, were created by the learned people of the country as the mayor, the doctor and above all by the pharmacist or “Speziale”, as it was anciently called.

Why choose Bordiga liqueurs

Bordiga still works with passion, following the craft and artisanal tradition, loving nature without forcing it, looking for excellence. Tasting Bordiga spirits, you can feel the attention and the care that we put in every step of our production.

We strongly believe that the first fundamental step to get excellent products is to have unique raw materials, thanks to the special territory in which they grow. Then comes the skills of our Master Distiller who knows how to choose them. 

If this is the perfect starting point, we certainly do not stop here: also the tireless work to improve products and bottling contribute to the maximum exaltation of botanical raw materials.

Wild herbs hand picked

The Alpine healing herbs used to produce Bordiga Spirits are still today handpicked and dried at high altitude by mountain people, in a uncontaminated environment.

Wild (naturally organic) herbs handpicked (foraged) means no use of engine, no use of pesticide, no use of chemical synthetic fertilizers but specially a big, huge respect to the environment and a special attention to the quality. As the use of botanicals foraged is more than a simply “organic certification”, we have decided to communicate to all our customers this our unique characteristic, this traditional and sustainable philosophy putting on all our bottles the mark label “hand picked”.

Every production, just as it once was, is totally conditioned by the rhythms of the seasons and by the different wheather. When they arrive in our establishments, the herbs are carefully checked by Master distillers who allows tu use only the best ones. Mario, our Master distiller, tells about Bordiga philosophy through his page “The Diary of Mario”. You can receive his stories making a request to

The production process

Bordiga combines tradition and innovation in order to have products that are always in step with the times, that meet new needs and new tastes.

Above all, Bordiga jealously keep the secrets for the production of its historic spirits.

The new Bordiga products are created respecting the traditional craft and artisanal processes, favoring the use always high quality local foraged ingredients.