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Bordiga created his first Vermouth when the busi­ness was founded in 1888. Still today in the middle of the wall of the historic distillery headquarters, there is written the words “Vermouth Bordiga”. Our is a very long tradition of excellence that is a guarantee of quality. Even nowadays, Bordiga Vermouth is presented with the label with the original image, linked to the historic recipe connected to the distant colonies of East Africa, where the rare spices used come from. The best Piedmont’s and Italian’s wines and the best Alpine herbs are carefully mixed with exotic spi­ces from East to make the traditional Turin’s Vermouth with the “SUPERIOR QUALITY” label.
Discover all the cocktails you can make with Bordiga vermouths!

Excelsior 75 cl

Extra Dry Vermouth

Magnum Excelsior

Red Vermouth

White Vermouth